Ballymena Man Fined for Disorderly Conduct

A Ballymena man has been charged for disorderly conduct at Bushmills Road in Coleraine.

The incident took place on the 15th of September when 36-year-old Phillp Owens, from Linenhall Street, caused a public disturbance.

At 6:43 pm, Owens was reported to be causing a disturbance. Officers would arrive after 15 minutes.

Owens was found with a bottle of alcohol in hand, stopping cars while standing in the middle of Bushmills Road in Coleraine.

Officers would speak with the highly intoxicated Owens and remove him from the road. He initially did not identify himself.

Owens continued his disorderly conduct following his arrest and calmed down upon reaching the Coleraine Police Station.

Officers would later speak to the staff of an off-license on Bushmills Road. Staff would tell officers that Owens was verbally abusive and felt intimated by him.

Staff at the off-license also reported feeling traumatized by his behavior.

Owens appeared in North Antrim Magistrates’ Court on the 12th of October. District Judge Peter King resided over the case.

Owens pled guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct on the 15th of September.

Defense Solicitor Greene said “My client was drunk and cannot remember much of the incident. However, he wishes to apologies to the police officers.”

When asking if Owens’s had anything to add to the record, Greene said “My client wishes to apologise for his behaviour.”

Owens was fined £200 with six months to pay.

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