Belfast Shop Calls For Others To Make Period Products Free

Fitzy’s Convenience Store on the Falls Road has taken a stand against period poverty.

The family run shop has decided to make all of their sanitary products free for all customers.

Co-manager Conor McCabe said the staff came to the decision after a mural painted by street artist Wee Nuls was defaced.

The mural, which stood in Belfast City Centre, was created to raise awareness for #menstruationmatters, a campaign run by the charity Homeless Period Belfast.

Conor said he wants the store to set an example for larger chains.

“If small businesses like us can do it, then of course big businesses can do it. And that’s what we want. We want others to follow.”

“The stigma around sanitary products for women is crazy and we want to show that it should be the new normal for girls to come into shops and get sanitary products for free.”

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