Christmas Magic at Magheramorne Estate.

By Nicole McBride

As the sun sets low over Larne Lough, the scent of firewood and evergreens are the first signs of the magic, awaiting to be uncovered in the grounds of Magheramorne Estate. 42 Acres of beautiful woodland trails, waterfalls and babbling brooks have been transported back to a time where Narnia wasn’t just hiding in a book and the elves are busy at work in Santa’s workshop.

After months of lockdown, people from all over the country have come to experience this beautiful estate which has been transformed into a winter wonderland for families to enjoy while adhering to Covid restrictions.

Stepping through the wardrobe on the woodland trail, you are transported into the enchanting land of Narnia where the hypnotic sounds of Mr Tumnus’s flute quickly invade the senses and the crisp December air.

Children stop to write their letters to Santa among the trees, and the first of Santa’s elves appear to guide families up to where sounds of children can be heard in the distance.

At the highest point in the trail, rings of smoke drift into the clear starry sky and jubilant groups can be seen roasting marshmallows around fire pits.

Hot chocolate and Mulled Wine are flowing in Santa’s Village as ‘Elf Quinton’ checks off names on Santa’s Naughty and Nice list, and Mrs Clause enchants everyone with her stories from the North Pole.

As the trail descends into the depth of the forest, the distant rumbling of Christmas Carollers interrupt the quiet hum of the babbling brook that inhabits the woodland.

Harmonious voices of the angels are a beautiful juxtaposition to the comic stylings of the wise men entertaining the crowd in the charming nativity scene set among the trees.

A walk through ‘Candy Cane Lane’ is only interrupted by a sighting of an uncharacteristically cheery and photogenic ‘Grinch’, and just like that, the magic moment has arrived!

St Nick and his favourite elf are waiting at the end of the path to welcome families into his festive Grotto. The joy to be seen on the children’s faces is a sight to behold.

As the night draws to a close, the sounds of tired feet can be heard making their way to the exit. The figures of the ‘Nutcrackers’ stand tall in front of the magnificent structure of Magheramorne Estate and become part of history in a perfect photo opportunity that every family will cherish for years to come.

Christmas Elves at Mistletoe and Magic at Magheramorne House
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