Brown wooden book shelves in library by Shunya Koide

Coping with new change at University

Including 5 useful tips from current first year students

Brown wooden book shelves in library by Shunya Koide
Photo by Shunya Koide

University is vastly different to traditional schooling. It brings new challenges such as lectures, budgeting and meeting new people. However, most students state this allows them to prioritise their mental wellbeing;  Did you know, 43% of first-year students reported that their mental wellbeing had increased since the start of term?

“University has definitely changed my daily breakdown, but for the better”

-Kyle Stevenson, First year Sociology student

Here are 5 useful tips, from current first year students

1.Create a to-do list before starting your day;

Photo by Cathryn Lavery
Photo By Cathryn Lavery

Setting a small goals each day lets me feel accomplished with my work

2. Don’t just study alone;

Photo by Marvin Meyer

creating study groups or working in cafes really motivates me to look productive, and therefore be productive

3. Prioritise Sleep;

Photo By Priscilla Du-Preez

shorter ‘class hours’ has allowed me and many others to keep on track with getting the recommended 8-10 hours sleep

4. Have some hobbies


It is important to have some downtime to take your mind of assignments. These can be as simple as a daily walk, or spending time with friends

5.Know when to ask for help

Photo By Remi Walle

many institutions have mental health services, such as Ulster University’s student wellbeing team.

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