First-Year Fencer Conor Macgarith gives a run down on Fencing at Ulster

Ulster University Student Conor Macgarith discusses fencing and provides a demonstration of fencing movement.

When it comes to sports in our current age, fencing tends to be somewhat of an outlier. With roots in medieval swordsmanship and dueling, it stands out from its more modern colleagues. For some, it is because of these historical roots that they find themselves drawn to the sport. One such person is Conor Macgarith, a first-year English student at Ulster University.

Before coming to Ulster, Conor spent six years practicing HEMA, or Historical European Martial Arts, and already enjoyed engaging in duels. So, upon enrolling at Ulster and seeing the fencing team, he knew it would be his place to join.

During the interview, Conor was willing to demonstrate some fencing movements and briefly discuss the nature of the sport with its different categories and schools.