Clarke Mccormick of Darkstar Tattoo in Coleraine gives his thoughts about the tigma involving tattoos in 2022

Is there still a stigma about tattoos in 2022?

But now many people get body art as a means of expression, to commemorate a date or an image that has a personal meaning or connection to them as an individual. Sometimes people get a design because they think it looks visually appealing and would like to have it displayed somewhere on their skin. Many tattoo artists see people of all ages come through their doors and hear each potential customers idea’s for what the ideal design they would like. In the last couple of years people of all ages have began to get some type of tattoo on their skin, ranging from singular words, smaller designs or entire sleeves.

Tattoo’s have become more popular through the years and have socially become more acceptable among the majority. Throughout history tattoos became stereotyped with people who were seen to be anti-establishment and caused a lot of trouble, which unfortunately at that time was the case. Sailors who would dock at towns would often have a tattoo and would cause mayhem throughout the ports, which strengthened this stereotype. Tattoos in Japan are famously disliked as heavily tattooed people were seen to have connections to the Japanese crime organisation; The Yakuza.

To find out if he stigma still applies, interviewing well known tattoo artist in Coleraine, Clarke Mccormick of Darkstar has been providing great tattoo work on people for the last ten years. Clarke says that gradually he has seen people up to the age of 60 come through his doors to get their first tattoo, telling him that they’ve always wanted to get one but where scared to because they weren’t sure how people would view them if they were wearing any tattoos.

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