McCormick: “No One Was Left Out” in Louhghgiel

Karen McCormick who helped organise numerous charitable activities in Loughgiel during the earliest days of Lockdown has emphasised that there was “a great response from the community” in dealing with the concerns raised by COVID-19.

The charitable Catholic organisation, St Vincent de Paul, took great lengths in Loughgiel to support the community alongside Mrs McCormick’s comrades to protect their community, with approximately 275 houses in the area being helped. The hugely successful campaign started in March 2020, with Mrs McCormick saying that “COVID-19 was increasing, there was not a good outlook” having considered numerous implications including loss of jobs and restrictions of food. As the dawn of Lockdown broke, there were increasing fears as “schools were shut around the same time and as a result children weren’t getting school meals” and therefore there was an increased priority upon providing food for the families affected by school closures.

Despite this, Mrs McCormick has stated that St Anne’s Primary School in Corkey had made donations and St Patrick’s Primary School had further assisted in partnership with them and higlighted that a “discreet collection can be made from St Patrick’s.” Mrs McCormick further highlighted that the collections were “completely confidential and anonymous.” An effective and dedicated team set together to support the community through “delivering groceries, papers and prescriptions” and “necessary materials” including bedding, mattresses and food. There was constant communication with SVP’s representative Anne Smiley who assisted in the organisation.

Mrs McCormick stated that there were “various teams who were involved in making deliveries” and that “the community was being built through helping each other.” Mrs McCormick urged that their “work is not yet done” and that the necessary preparations for a second Lockdown in the run up to Christmas will be prepared for