Portstewart man jailed for possession of drugs and criminal damage

A Portstewart man has been jailed for the possession of controlled drugs and criminal damage.

Rauri Doey, 23, of Church Street appeared before North Antrim Magistrates Court sitting at Ballymena on the 21st of November.

The court heard that Doey had caused £500 worth of damage to a door in Ballymena’s Lighthouse Hostel on the 8th of February 2020. He was arrested and searched following the incident.

The Crown Prosecution Service solicitor said “controlled drugs” were found in his possession on that occasion.

He was arrested again in Portstewart on the 31st of May 2020. This time, Doey was in possession of cannabis, cocaine, zopiclone and pregabalin.

The defendant pled guilty to all charges.

Defence solicitor John Murphy said “Mr Doey had long-standing difficulties regarding his mental health”. The supported accommodation the defendant had previously stayed in was closed after the owner was stabbed to death by a resident.

The defence said that the unsupported accommodation he was moved to was “not suitable for someone with Mr Doey’s issues”.  The defendant chose to remain in custody rather than go back.

District Judge Peter King said he had “no option” but to jail the defendant for two months. The time the defendant has already spent in custody will be deducted from this.