“The PSNI Should Have Nothing to Fear”

On 21st June 14-year-old schoolboy, Noah Donohoe, went missing from his home in South Belfast while making his way to his friend’s house. Six days later his body was found in a storm drain, in North Belfast.

Since the investigation, there has been criticism of the PSNI’s handling of the case. Raymond Barr (independent) who brought forward the motion, accused the PSNI of allowing the family to be “met by a wall of silence”.

Barr signalled “I hope this motion is received in the spirit it’s intended to, it’s not intended to be political, sectarian or divisive in any way”.

Referring to the 80,000 people signed up to a social media page in support for the Donohoe family, Barr stated this case was a matter of public interest. Adding, “the PSNI should have nothing to fear” regarding an investigation. 

All participants echoed their support for the motion. SDLP’s Jason Barr said the case had “captured the hearts of the nation”.

DUP’s Graham Wark stated, “All parents here will all remember the 21st of June”. Wark said on behalf of the DUP – “we 100% support the motion here today”.

Sinn Fein’s Michaela Boyle said –“The town of Strabane stood by Fiona’s side in their support for the family, by putting up billboards and posters in their windows to help support the Donahoe family in their quest for the truth”, whilst referring to the strong connection Strabane residents have towards the Donohoe family. Strabane being the hometown of both Fiona and Noah.

The motion sets out a hope that Police Ombudsman’s investigation will quash online conspiracy theories and bring closure to the Donohoe family.