Limavady gets into the festive spirit

Limavady town was illuminated on the 19th of November with the magic of Christmas through magnificent lights and a cavalcade of amazing characters.

Excitement filled the cold air as Santa rolled into Limavady wearing his scarlet red velvet suit with his wispy white beard dancing in the wind.  

Santa’s arrival kick started the Christmas festivities as he switched on the twinkling Christmas lights.

This year he appeared in a ‘magic’ red sleigh accompanied by Limavady’s very own mayor. They were closely followed by rosy cheeked elves and beautifully designed lorries.

The children shrilled with amazement at Santa, jumping up and down like yo-yos whilst shouting at the top of their small lungs ‘he’s here, he’s here!’ Santa waved to the sea of adoring children, some waved back with extreme enthusiasm.

The older children however seemed to greet him with a shyer approach, a cheeky smile or nod in his direction was just suffice in their books.

Others fidgeted with their phones attempting to get the special moment captured to look back on the fond memories in years to come.

The parents then stood back bundled up in their winter coats nursing hot coffees for warmth and energy whilst their children pranced and danced with joy.

Market stalls lined Santa’s route selling an assortment of flashing multicoloured toys and overly sweet treats.

Several PSNI officers along the route entertained the passing children as they asked hundreds of questions about their guns and ‘baddies’ with innocent curiosity.

The festive atmosphere continued despite it being November as everyone hurried to the queue to visit the all magical Santa Claus’ grotto.

Children whispered and nudged each other closer to the front giggling with anticipation. After the essential check in with Santa ensuring he knew exactly what was to be under the tree the children dispersed.

Toddlers began to get sleepy rubbing their tiny eyes with round fists as the night got colder. Families then waved each other off as they climbed into their cars parked on the curbs at the edge of the town.

All that was left of the magical night was the fading light of a shining star on the top of the town Christmas tree which stood all on its lonesome once again.

Santa Claus however will continue his adventure onto to the next town of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough to illuminate it with the magic of Christmas as well.