Live music creating positive spaces for young people


Many studies have been done over the years to see if live music can actually change your mood. Turns out, many people experience this.  

Irene Costanzo, spoke openly about her experiences with live music: “Music is a very important component in my life”. 

“I have had many experiences at shows that I’m so grateful I got to be a part of. I’ve met a lot of people through concerts that have become my best friends. Being able to go back to shows together with them is something I look forward to a lot”. 

Not only does it positively boost your mood for a short period of time, but Irene is also proof that live music can actually help start a career path. 

She explains: “I started my twitter career through music. It started as a One Direction fan account at their peak time. So, I’ve been online for over a decade now. Through the music and Twitter, I’ve met a lot of people that surround my life. Even if they are people I don’t speak to everyday, it’s still nice to see them. We became such a constant in each other’s lives”. 

When asked why she thinks music has such an effect on people, she expressed: “Music has such a broad range of genres and sounds that it can stimulate different emotions. People can associate certain songs to specific memories with can elicit reactions. The live component makes music much more immersive because you are literally surrounded by it and by people who share the same music taste”. 

In recent years, concerts have seen an increase in attendees, with Harry Styles just breaking the record for the most attendance at a show at Slane Castle.  

Irene Ray, a 24-year-old from Spain believes: “I think concerts have a big positive impact on someone, it’s a boost of energy and happiness. Everyone has their problems in life and going to concerts can make you forget about it and just be happy for at least 2 hours”. 

She goes on to explain that: “All live music gives you that happy feeling, but when it’s your favourite artist, the experience multiplies by 100.” 

Irene agrees that making friends through music creates a certain kind of bond that only those involved can truly feel a part of as “you bond through that part of your life that’s the same. Everyone is there for the same reason”. 

Sheila Reys agrees that live music is a large contributor to positive mental health, but that it has to be a “specific artist” to truly give her that feeling. 

She believes that: “Live music is what motivates me the most. Knowing I get to see the artist I truly admire is what keeps me going day to day”. 

Speaking of her firsthand experience of creating bonds at concerts, Sheila shared: “It’s one of the best things that can happen at concerts. You experience something so intense that your friendships become so strong and beautiful”. 

These three fangirls are proof that live music truly can change a mood or even provide you with some of the closest friends that you will ever make.