Patients left untreated for hours as Altnaglevin hospital faces a major crisis

Altnaglevin hospital in Londonderry has faced a major crisis as patients requiring urgent care are being left untreated for hours  

At the Derry and Strabane council meeting on 27th October, Sinn Fein Councillor Christopher Jackson set forward a motion for all the different political parties to join forces to help prevent any further strain.  

It was explained in the meeting that Dr Sandy Nelson, who is an emergency medical consultant had taken to social media to spread word about the dire state of the hospital.  

Councillor Jackson reported that on the 4th October, “there was 110 patients waiting in the casualty department” and a further “45 waiting on a bed.” He made it clear that “these aren’t statistics”, but instead are “people in the city and district desperately waiting on healthcare.”  

The motion was backed up by Councillor Rory Farrell on behalf of the SDLP. He expressed his opinion that the “DUP need to be reminded of three things. You can’t fix the health service if, you don’t go to work”, “you don’t nominate a deputy first minister” and “if you don’t form a government”. 

The independent Councillor Paul Gallagher voiced that he was not “sure what actions are in this motion”. He noted that he doesn’t agree with the idea that having Stormont will fix anything.  

Speaking for the Ulster Unionist party, Councillor Ryan Mcready expressed that he is “fed up of politics for not necessarily prioritising our people.” Councillor Rachael Ferguson, for the Alliance party agreed with this, adding that she is “fed up of the tit for tat” that is apparent. Alliance Councillor Philip McKinney appealed to “all parties to sit down around the table and work together”. 

The motion was passed by the Mayor, Sandra Duffy, who voiced that it appeared to be a “unanimous” decision.