Local Woman opens up about Life with Fibromyalgia

By Conchúr Richards

Claire Halligan, 38, from Armagh has struggled with a condition called Fibromyalgia since she was diagnosed in 2009.

Fibromyalgia causes extreme fatigue and pain around the body but the condition can manifest itself in different ways depending on the person that has it. It is not clear to doctors or scientists what the root cause of the condition is and it has no clear cure, but a range of painkillers and therapies are being used to treat the condition.

Claire has stated that effects of the condition haven’t just been physical, “It has affected me psychologically as well. I have had intense bursts of brain fog and depression.”

“It hasn’t just affected my joints and muscles but also other parts of my body like my digestive system and I have suffered with constant migraines” she said.

Claire also outlined the effect that Fibromyalgia has had on her mental well-being by stating, “It is a permanent battle of exhaustion, pain and guilt. You also mourned the life you used to have.”

The condition has also had lasting effects on Claire’s body. “Over the years it has progressed as I am losing sensation in both my arms and head and I am more sensitive to pain due to heightened nerves so the slightest touch could also feel like a punch” she explained.

Thankfully, Claire feels with the help of spiritual therapy and herbal remedies this last year has meant the condition has been much more manageable.

“I can now tell when I’m going to be low and can plan ahead to deal with it. I am a single-mother and I wish to raise my daughter in an environment where we are both happy and healthy and because of herbal remedies I feel I can now do that as best I can.”

“I am in a much better place now than I was two years ago and I am grateful that Fibromyalgia is now something that I can deal with. I know there are still many tough days ahead but now I’m better equipped to live out my life without feeling completely debilitated.”

For more information on Fibromyalgia visit: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/fibromyalgia/