The 23rd of February 2023 is international dog biscuit appreciation day. Really it is!  

How did the dog biscuit come to be? Supposedly created back in the mid nineteenth century by inventor James Spratt in America who thought it would be a clever idea to mix together leftover meat, vegetables, and grain, compress them into a biscuit and then bake them as training treats for his furry chums. 

An early Spratts advertisement.


Arrange a play date 

It can be great for a dog to socialise with others so why not arrange for you to meet up with your pals and their dogs for a walk through the forest or along the beach. There are plenty of amazing beaches and forests but just be sure to keep to the dog friendly areas. 

Doggy Donations 

Why not collect and donate warm blankets and doggy treats to your local dog shelter? It will be much appreciated as generally these organisations are charities and rely on the kindness of the public.  

Have a ‘Doggy Day’ 

This is where you can get creative. Why not decorate plain biscuits with dog friendly icing, bake a doggy cake or arrange a doggy movie day where you watch movies featuring dogs. Perhaps stick to ‘Beethoven’ or ‘K9’. Avoid ‘I am Legend’ and ‘Marley and Me.’ 

Sasha eagerly awaits her dog biscuit.

Sasha the German Shepherd volunteered (!) to take part in research as to whether she would offer her paw in exchange for a tasty dog biscuit. Generally Sasha resents being made to be a performing monkey, but the morsel was just too much of a temptation and the paw was offered, the treat disappeared, and Sasha returned to her bed to continue dreams of chasing rabbits and savaging the postman. Happy International dog biscuit day from Sasha. 

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