Local artist brings the festive spirit to windows across the country

A Ballymena woman is spreading Christmas cheer by painting windows across Northern Ireland.

Christmas time is always a Claus for celebration, and Embroidery Artist and Painter, Amy Stewart, has been helping individuals and businesses celebrate the season.

Amy began window painting three years ago at her mum’s workplace, she said; “it was kind of a big jump, and it was definitely out of my comfort zone. I’m so used to sitting in my little studio painting to myself and not having anyone watch the process”. 

However, as time has gone on Amy remarked that her confidence has grown, and that window painting has allowed her to get her “name out there” and get “talking to people within the community”.

Amy decorated the windows of a SuperValu shop for Christmas.

Understanding of the customers perspective, the Embroidery Artist and Painter says; “It takes a lot of trust to let someone come into your house and paint”. However, she adds that when it comes to the designs; “I absolutely love being challenged, and I love when people stray from traditional Christmas designs like snowmen and Santa’s, to create something unique for them or their business”.

With the current economic crisis painted windows can lower the electric bill for many, as Amy shares that it “reduces the need for any bright Christmas lights or flashing Christmas decorations which can drain electricity. With the cost of living at the minute, I think people are more inclined to pay a one-off fee, rather than keep up with the cost of electric”.

Balancing the creation of her smaller pieces with the window painting and her other job is challenging but Amy is thankful for the support and flexibility from customers. She remarked; “I’m glad that people trust me to create a special commission just for them”.

Looking to the future, the creator shared that she “can’t wait to try out some other designs and ideas not relating to Christmas”.

Contact and keep up to date with Amy Stewart Art on Facebook, Instagram, and her website. 




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