Local lad treks through bog and mud to raise money for Cancer fund for Children

By Conchúr Richards

An Armagh runner has raised hundreds of pounds for the charity that cared for his cancer-stricken mother as a child.

Keelan McCabe, 22, from Armagh took part in the “2022 Bog Run” in Castlewellan Forrest Park on Saturday 8 October to raise money and awareness for the Cancer fund for Children.

Keelan is an avid runner and uses his love of athletics to raise money for many charities over the last six years ranging from Marie Curie to the Southern Hospice in Newry.

Keelan has said that the “Bog Run” was a new challenge for him and was unlike anything he had done before. He says there were two main motivations for him to take part in this run. “I wanted to do this firstly because it was something unlike anything I’ve done before,” he said. “Having competed in races ranging from 10k to full marathon events, the “Bog Run” offered a new challenge as my limits would be tested crawling through mud and overcoming obstacles as well as pushing my endurance levels to the max.”

The second reason was much more personal to Keelan as he wanted “to raise money for the race sponsor, Cancer fund for Children, who helped his mum through her own childhood cancer journey. “Back in the late 1970’s, my mother Denise was diagnosed with cancer as a child and if it were not for the work of charities such as this, she may not even be alive today,” he said.

 Keelan went onto say: “In this sense, I’ve always felt more than willing to fundraise for such causes as Cancer fund for children, as I know the money raised will directly help families whose children will be fighting valiantly against cancer”.

Keelan managed to raise over £500 for the Cancer fund and was supported by his family, friends and his football club team mates.

Keelan hopes to complete more runs in the next year and. He has big plans for other charities that he wishes to raise money for.