TUD Blanchardstown come out on top despite Ulster’s best efforts

UU Magee and Coleraine join forces to face league leaders TUD

On Wednesday, Coleraine matched up with Magee to put up a thrilling fight, especially for a team who did not meet until thirty minutes before the start of the game. Both campuses were up against the best team in the league, TUD Blanchardstown.

Coleraine centre, Mark Cully (below – right), set the tone early by rising up and draining a 3-pointer to start the game. He put on a great debut performance with 13 points, showing great potential for future games.

TUD showed why they were league leaders, pulling away with a fifteen-point lead by halftime. But with both teams scoring 12 points in the third, it was a close finish for both sides.

Wednesday’s game in the Foyle Arena was the team’s first time playing competitively, showing there’s a bright future for the team. Here are the best highlights.


“We don’t rush our game and we play a tight defence. It’s only six of you and I don’t want to see anyone in the paramedics in the fourth quarter!”

Mick Howth: Magee Basketball coach spurs the players on for another close quarter

Conall Smith, the Well-being Officer of the Coleraine Basketball team spoke to me about when you can come to the sessions on campus, about the future of the team, and the facilities between the newly installed outdoor court, as well as the two amazing courts in the Sports Centre.

The team hosts a recreational session on Mondays from 6.30 pm to 8 pm, where everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t played the sport before. On Tuesdays, “we get a little bit more competitive” says Mark Cully, the Health and Safety officer and starting Centre for the team. He continued, “Of course, everyone is still welcome on Tuesday, but now that some of the players are playing competitively with Magee, we speed things up a bit so that we’re ready for future games.”

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