Is the Pandemic still over for Carers?

The pandemic first began on February 28th, 2020. Three years on, you would think the pandemic would be long gone. But for Sharon Clarke, a carer in the community, this is far from the truth. She first started this job back in 2019 in November when a friend recommended that she would fit the role. When asked what was your job like in the pandemic, Sharon says “it was very difficult. Because of the pandemic, we had to put on all the PPE, all the gloves and the aprons and masks and shields.” She goes on to say “the elderly was quite taken back about Covid and the dangers of it.”

Sharon was very open and says how one of her colleagues passed away from Covid. “Our service users were scared, and it was a hard time for us all because we did lose a good colleague and a good worker.” When this happened, it effected Sharon very deeply. She had to do her Covid tests every morning before she went out to work to make sure she wasn’t a carrier herself. Sharon says, “going into these houses, we had to reassure them and keep them calm. We will do our best and wash our hands to protect them and also ourselves.”

When asked is the pandemic over, Sharon’s answer was “definitely not. The pandemic will never be over. We always have to wear our PPE and shower every night. Yes, we all have our injections taken and boosters and it’s reassuring to have those, but they are more calmer now than they were in 2020 but as I said the Covid will never be away.”

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