The Vice President of Coleraine University

Ethan Davies first became VP of Coleraine on July 1st with the elections first happening in March.  With being elected with the encouragement of his friends, he says “balancing this job with other aspects of my life is very difficult.” The job is a nine to five but being VP also means working outside of those hours. Ethan gives an example and says, “one day I worked from seven in the morning to about three in the morning.” While balancing other aspects of his life, Ethan explains that he tries to go to the gym during his lunch break instead of sitting down.

Originally, Ethan didn’t want to go for Vice president because he didn’t think he would have been good at it. “I have Aspergers syndrome so talking to people is quite difficult.” He goes on to say his friends thought that he would be good for the role and that’s why he applied.  “University needed an advocate for disabled and the LGBTQ community and I fit into both of those categories.”

Ethan expresses that his job is very behind the scenes, and they do “course evaluations.” They last five to six hours and people don’t know that they do that unless they are directly involved. “You’re sitting in there for hours and hours to make sure a course is still fit for purpose.” In the work that Ethan does, it won’t be seen by students with the exception of one or two.

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I am a 19 year old first year Journalism student at ulster university.

I like writing stories, video games and reading books!