National Day of Marriage: Jean Farrell

National Day of Marriage is celebrated every year on the second Friday in June. People observe this by renewing their vows, taking a trip or joining a World Marriage Day event. This day is important as it celebrates wedlock and honors true love. It is also a time to relive precious memories with your spouse. 

Robert and Jean Farrell on their wedding day. Jean’s neice Valerie Mills in front.

For Jean Farrell, this is a special day for her as she has been married sixty-one years to her husband, Robert Farrell. They got married on the 14th of July 1960, and they got married in Newtownstewart Presbyterian church. Jean states “I met my husband in Drumquin when he was driving school buses for his work.” She goes on to say that “he asked me out and it was through a friend that I got to know my husband.”  Jean got married when she was twenty-one years old, Robert being twenty-five. “It was love at first sight and I knew he was the one.” 

They got engaged in Belfast where Robert asked Jean to be his wife and she said yes. Fast forward to 2023, and they are still together and love each other dearly. There have been some difficulties with Robert, him now having dementia for the past six years. Sometimes he forgets his children’s names and grandchildren, but all in all, he still always remembers his wife.  

They had six children altogether, four of them boys and the two being girls. They have thirteen grandchildren, the oldest being thirty-eight years old, and fifteen great-grandchildren, the oldest being 10 years old.  

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