The Chairperson of Underscore Journalism Society

Simon Bennett is a MA student in Ulster University Coleraine and has gladly discussed issues surrounding the Journalism society and what it has to offer towards university life. Firstly, Simon travels from Ballymena to Coleraine to study and already has three years experience of studying Journalism at BA. He discussed how by being chairperson he would make all the final decisions and this comes with a lot of responsibility by planning meetings and events. Furthermore, Simon expressed how the committee is a great place to come to for advice and would strongly recommend it for those in the future. 

He goes into detail when asked what advice he could give to someone who would be interested in joining the journalism society Simon stated “it is important to have free time as the committee can be stressful to run and requires good attention and is strongly recommended as it is a great way of meeting people and can be excellent for your CV”. Therefore, he analysed that it is excellent in developing your people and team management skills for the future. 

Simon emphasised the events the committee has planned with the upcoming student elections where people can voice their opinions on many different ideas. An idea put forward was to organise a formal in the Galgorm in Ballymena, Simon has stated that it can be a great celebration for the hard work students have put in within their time at Uni. He says “The committee is also running a board games night where they plan to order pizza and is a great place to visit and make friends”. Simon aims to go into investigative or broadcast journalism in the future and the society has had a positive impact on him as he gets to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Author profile

I am 20 years young. Second year journalism student who has a keen eye on film criticism and writing.