From Professional Boxer to Author: A Belfast Man’s Story

Eamon McAuley was born and raised in the area of Ardoyne amongst the troubles and this came with a challenge. When discussing what it was like to becoming a professional boxer in his area Eamon stated “It came with responsibility, I had to live up to that, i had to live a clean life, I couldn’t be seen falling out of bars drunk or taking drugs or fighting on the street so this inspired me to train hard.”

Eamon McAuley Vs Carl Crook 1985

Furthermore, Eamon would go into detail on the highlight of his career in which he discussed winning the ABAs in 1985 and how this was one of the biggest moments of his life. “ There had only ever been Jack Gartland in 1928 who had won the ABAs so to box Carl Crook in the final at 19 and win in front of ten thousand people in Wembley Arena came with a lot of pressure.”  

Moreover, Eamon discussed advice for young boxers who come from lower class backgrounds “ Live clean and live diligently, it’s a short career so get as much out of it as you can, get good sparing and most importantly live the life by getting up early and working hard”. 

Eamon at his Book Launch February 2022

Therefore, regarding his later life Eamon is now an author and has published an autobiography called “Fighting to Find Peace” which was released in February 2022. Eamon stated “It was a thrill as it took me eight years to write as it was a great joy and I was blown away with the positive response it got”.

Also, Eamon obtained a sold out crowd for his book launch in Waterstones Belfast and has sold 500 books within its release and described being able to write the book as a blessing. 

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