National Love Your Pet Day!!

Holly to the Rescue!

On February 20th, 2023, it is National Love Your Pet Day. Elaine Mc Peake is one of the nations top dog’s lovers from Portglenone, country Antrim, “I fell in love the day and hour we got Holly”. Holly is a brown and white furry Shih tzu full of fun, “we got Holly because our children at the time really wanted a dog but I wasn’t too keen as I never had a dog, but I thought if they really wanted it that would be grand and I thought well, we will give it a go”.

“Holly was a rescue dog, the family that had Holly had a baby coming and they couldn’t look after her any longer but they wanted her to go to a good family we got her in 2016 when they contacted us and we said that we would love to take her”.

Holly helped Elaine and her family so much, “I love it when you came home in the evening, Holly sitting on the back of the sofa and her tail starts to wag as soon as she sees me and then she runs up and puts her paws out for a big hug.

“She’s always so affectionate and even when I’m feeling pretty rough, she always sits beside me and I just love her to bits”. Elaine thinks of Holly as family as she helps her out, “I used to be lonely when I was sitting in the house myself and now, I talk away to Holly during the day, we have conversations and I know she can’t answer but I love the craic I have with her”.

Holly may have been a rescue dog, but Elaine believes Holly rescued her.

A fitting tribute on National Love Your Pet Day!

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