UU Student- Magic Maeve stars in Croke Park!

“It was an unbelievable experience”, Antrim camogier, Maeve Kelly states after winning the All Ireland in Croke Park on 12th september 2022. Maeve is a current Magee student who recently got a chance of a lifetime to play in one of Ireland’s biggest pitches, Croke Park at the young age of 17. “Camogie has been in my blood ever since I was born”, she states as her parents played a big role in her camogie career. It wasn’t until she started secondary school that her spark lit up as her team got into the 2022 All Ireland Finals in Croke Park.

Maeve is involved in the Antrim camogie club and her local Ballycastle club, McQullians. She states that, “going to Croke Park was amazing but nerve-wracking at the same time”. On the way down to Croke, “everyone was buzzing and the atmosphere was amazing”.

“Looking back now it was an absolute dream”, Meave always had a passion and a dream to play in Croke since she was a young girl. “You never believe that it is possible and the fact that I was doing my dream made it even more special.”

Meave played for her school, Cross and Passion College since she was first year and won several awards including nine ulster titles! “The team used to come in at eight every week before school to practise”, this showed their utmost enthusiasm and determination for the sport.

It is this enthusiasm and determination that made Maeve the Irish News 2021 camogie player of the year and an All Star.

Maeve is certainly magic!!

Meave certainly is magic !!